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The Quarantine Takes

Oddfellow here.  While you are all working from home, I’m hunkered down in the office.  The shelter-in-place order came down while I was in the middle of a lengthy logging session and now it seems I’m stuck here.  Uncle Jared – he’s directed me not to refer to him as “Dr.” anymore given the increased legal ramifications and/or possibility of being recruited into Trump’s COVID task force – has told me that I’m free to as many peanut butter filled pretzels as long as this quarantine is in place (but I’m not to touch the high ABV kombucha).  In the meantime, he’s he’s been keeping busy making various soups and shooting short experimental films around the house.  He’s instructed me to collect these films on this page, referring to them as “The Quarantine Takes,” in the case that someday, far in the future, they might offer a valuable insight into the madness of the times.  So, be sure to return here often.  Media will be added as it is Dropboxed to me.