TAR+FEATHER Minutes - ODDFELLOW - A Media Production Company
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TAR+FEATHER (A Production Company)

Minutes of (semi) weekly meetings in Go-Big-or-Go-Home Hall, August 21, 2019

*Compiled and paraphrased by I. Oddfellow


  • Icarus Oddfellow (taking dictation)
  • Jared Varava (has requested, and will, hereupon, be referred to as “Dr. V”)


  • Captain, the dog (sleeping)
  • The Los Angeles Sanitary Department that has yet to replace the blue bin that somehow went missing and is assumed to have slipped from the side-mounted mechanical claw into the bowels of the recycling truck. Dr. V is upset about the growing amount of cardboard boxes and drinkable yogurt bottles that are piling up outside.


Dr. V welcomed everyone (me) to the meeting and warned that there was not “a whole heap” to talk about “unfortunately.”  Meeting was called to order at 10:24am.


No past minutes were discussed as this is the inaugural minutes.  It was stressed, however, that clear and accurate note-taking was of the utmost importance should we ever get sued or, more importantly, stumble upon a million dollar idea that Apple or Google subsequently patents and we need proof of our IP (intellectual propery) and the exact date for possible litigation purposes.


  • Dr. V played the Rocky theme song and called the meeting to order. When the song ended, the CD briefly went on to play the opening guitar riff of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” but he cut it short. Dr. V asked if there were any comments from the public and I, being the only other person present (since the dog was sleeping), stated that I was “…very happy to have been hired as the Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager of TAR+FEATHER.”  And that “…I’d do my best to further the goals of the company.” (which have yet to be defined) Dr. V responded, “…Thank you Oddfellow, you are a scholar and a gentleman.  Please top off my cold brew….”
  • Lunch, it’s stated, is to come from Del Taco today. Maximum order: $7.50
  • Discussion about website changes and Dr. V’s reluctance to simply have a site featuring his body of work.  He mumbled a lot and kept touching his face (nervous tick?) while forming half-thoughts re: starting up a soup and pickle company.


  • Web SEO
  • Climate Change
  • Being a better person

Will reconvene hopefully next week.  Meeting adjourned at 11:17am.