SAY HELLO - ODDFELLOW - A Media Production Company
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We are a multimedia production outfit facilitating an ongoing array of film, television, commercial, and music video endeavors as well as a (potentially unhealthy) affinity for experimental personal projects and other genre-defying whims.


Jared Varava

Jared Varava is a Los Angeles-based writer/director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. His award-winning films, music videos, and commercials have screened internationally, been distributed by ``The Ignite Series`` (GenArt's traveling exhibition), showcased on Vimeo Staff Picks & Short of the Week, included in Ohio State University's ``Journal of Short Film,`` and featured in magazines such as Paste, SmileFaucet, and Aesthetica.


Carlton Sugarman

Carlton Sugarman's name is real, and so is his film game. Based out of Los Angeles via Cincinnati, Boulder, and London, Carlton has been working in the industry since 2005. He got his chops freelancing at commercial production behemoths MJZ, Tool of NA, and Biscuit Filmworks, (etc…). He has produced campaigns for clients ranging from Dyson, to City National Bank, to Delta Airlines. As a writer/director Carlton has gone on to create award winning content of his own, and recently completed his first feature film, The Amateur.


Travis Button

Hailing from Kansas, Travis Button made his way to The Golden State by way of covered wagon in 2009 and has since traded up to a pristine 1990 Toyota Camry. He's pretty handy with a Polaroid and can Nuke his way out of damn well anything. His proudest creative endeavor to date is his beloved, Half Stop Sessions ( and on a good day some might even call him a director.