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Gets In Your Blood and Can Kill You

Oddfellow here.  It has been about 10 months since my last entry and I’m still quarantined in the office.  The DirecTV went out about 9-and-a-half months ago so I’ve had no way to receive updates regarding the pandemic, but if I step outside I can still hear the murders of crows and roving bands of hungry coyotes…so I’m assuming the worst.  I’ve had zero contact with Uncle Jared since our last brief Facebook Messenger way back in September when he asked if I’d remembered to water and fly the Venus flytraps in the break room (I did and continue to do so).  Truth be told, things got pretty hairy over here around Thanksgiving when the last of the microwavable popcorn ran out, but luckily, while attempting to hunt down a particularly succulent-looking rat, I stumbled upon the Amazon Dash Button hidden under Uncle Jared’s desk.  It seems to only order bulk shipments of high ABV Kombucha and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but I guess that’s proven to be adequately life sustaining – despite some initial concerning digestive issues.  However, the minor hallucinations and painful gurgling in my belly actually may have been the reason that my lastest discovery has seemed so personally meaningful.  To clarify, last night as I was replacing one of the garish fluorescent bulbs in the bathroom a MiniDV tape fell from what appears to be some hidden perch above the Styrofoam drop ceiling.  Upon inspection of the article, it appears to be a transfer of Uncle Jared’s 16mm college thesis film, GETS IN YOUR BLOOD AND CAN KILL YOU (he told me this film and all evidence of its existence was lost in a tragic hot air balloon accident!).  It’s not an ideal copy – mastering the filmstock to DV is borderline blasphemous – and the film school pretentiousness / lack-of-budget is quite offensive…but the soundtrack is FANTASTIC.  In any case, I’ve gone ahead and digitized it for public consumption, should there still be anyone still alive out there who, like myself, is in desperate need of some “entertainment” to pass the time (23 minutes, to be exact).


Check it out: